A downloadable game

Note: I made this game for the PDROMS homebrew competition #3.33, the results of which were announced on August 2nd, 2005 (!)

Move your ship around dropping depth charges to try and take out the subs below you. Dodge torpedoes whenever possible, as each torpedo takes away one life. For every 20 subs you kill, you gain a level. Every second level gets you another life. Each sub increases your score by one, and every sub you let get to the opposite end of the screen decreases your score by 2. It gets progressively harder as the levels increase, notably:

at level 3 the subs start spawning from either left or right side (randomly)

at level 6 the subs increase their speed

at level 9 the subs increase their speed

Sub spawn time, torp spawn time, sub vertical position are all picked randomly based on what level you are on.

If you manage to beat the game, you will enable an enhanced graphics mode. You can also just unlock this by pressing L+R+A on the title screen :)

Install instructions

This is a Gameboy Advance ROM file, so you will need either a GBA emulator to play it on your computer or a GBA flash cart to play it on hardware.


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